Who am I?

Tomas Sjösten

Project and product manager as well as a fullstack web/mobile developer. I love programming, to run fast and lift heavy stuff. And of course, I like Flutter.

I've worked with many different frameworks (both as manager and as developer) but never been so impressed by a framework before. With every app I build with Flutter, the more I love it! It's easy to start off with. I hope with the articles on this site will show you how you can dive into the Flutter world.

I would really like to see the community grow and Flutter with it. Hopefully this site will contribute to this.

What is Hands-on Flutter?

Hands-on Flutter is my contribution to a growing community. This site will contain articles with hands-on information about developing in Flutter. The articles will be short and to the point, they'll vary from solving a specific problems to creating a full scaled app.

Would you be interested in having an article posted on this site, please send me an email tomas.sjosten@gmail.com

The apps built while making an article will also be public on GitHub