Hands-on Flutter

Flutter is a game changer when it comes to building apps. Whether you're building for mobile, desktop or web. It's super easy to learn and with its rich variety of built in components are you able to build high performant apps!

Are you like me, quickly scanning multiple articles/blogs, YouTube videos or StackOverflow to gain more knowledge? Or do you like to read deeply about a subject and grasp every inch?

When creating a variable in Dart will it be of a specific data type. This is common for most part of the programming languages i.e. Java, JavaScript, Go (aka Golang) etc. A data type tells a compiler or interpreter on how a programmer intends to use the variable.

This app is simply to show how Text To Speech and CarouselSlider works. We'll build a slider with different colors. When a color is highlighted we'll make use of TTS to say the name of the color.

This article is divided into two separate articles. In the first are you able to read about how you get API key for YouTube requests and display playlists from a channel. In the second how to display playable YouTube videos from each playlist.

This is the second article of the YouTube API app. In this article will we continue build the app and display playable YouTube videos from each playlist.

When building your Flutter app, have you ever wondered which different ways there is to write functions in Dart? Or how you make some parameters required? I have. Thus I made a dive into the subject and presenting you the result.

Tired of the debug banner? Simply just set debugShowCheckedModeBanner to false and your problem is solved.

It's more and more common to have dark mode support for apps. Luckily the Flutter team has made is really easy to implement dark mode.

A super short article about how you can run code after the widget has been built. To do it you simply just make use of WidgetsBinding.instance.addPostFrameCallback

I've worked with countless of apps where each letter needs to have the same width. For i.e. 11:11 has not the same width as 24:59 per default. The Text widget in Flutter has a solution for this.

It’s really easy to implement an input formatter in Flutter. Let say you want to capitalise every word upon input. Or you’re in need to format input to lowercase - then you can utilise input formatting.